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Chiropractic Wellness Center is proud to share our patients words of praise and happiness.  We want all of our patients to receive excellent care and results.   If you have a success story you would like to share, please pass it on to our front desk. 
"He is a miracle worker to me"
"I no longer limp because of the work Dr. Schwartz has performed on my knees.  Dr. Schwartz is always so calming and so kind to take the time needed to be sure I will have good knees. Dr. Schwartz is definitely gifted with his strong hands and now I have hardly any pain ever. He is the Best!" - HH  
"I give the highest recommendation "
"Dr. Schwartz's knowledge of the spine, muscle attachments and nerves connecting to all components has given me freedom of motion. His ability to adjust my spine (after major surgery) is of the highest care and comfort."  - EG  
"Amazing doctor, I owe him my life"
"Dr. Schwartz brought me back to life. The first day I met him I was feeling really bad, I hurt all over, I didn't have any energy. He gave me an adjustment and listened to how I felt. I had visits twice a week for a while and I started feeling better.  He spends time with you, he is kind and patient and takes good care of you.  Dr. Schwartz always answers your questions honestly and gives you good advice."  - PT  
Patient Success